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About us and Legal infomation

About us

This page is made for the Rustocalypse community!
Corrtly Rustocalypse own 3 servers for the game Rust.
For more infomation about Rustocalypse, please join our discord by clicking on the discord icon to the left of your screen.


For ingame support (such as Hackers, ingame vip, greifing or orther ingame matters.), as well as infomation regarding Rustocalypse, Create a support ticket on our discord!

For questions regarding this website please contact Tacti Tac0z on discord or create a support ticket.


Rustocalypse is owned by Aviabel and Moha_ZA, two nice poeple, who want to have the best servers possible!
They get help by a number of Chatmods and Mods!

This website is created and managed by Tacti Tac0z (Noah Oliver Alexander Hare)


Just incase


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