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Suggestion Extend raidblock#11 ( 0)
Avi - 23/11/2019 11:07 CET - 62 Unique views - Rejected

extend raid block functionality: block building and upgrading too, so online raiding solo is possible (right now it is not)
Raidblock/combatblock is only there to block vips for using their abilities during combat or raid. The servers are intended to be as vanilla as possible with a slight tweak here and there. 

Aviabel Changed this suggestions status to Rejected
#1 - Avi - 23/11/2019 11:08 CET Quote
Currently we are also working on a fix so the combat and raidblock only shows for those who are actually getting blocking. Both saving some disturbing alerts and saves us a lot of questions
#2 - Avi - 24/11/2019 19:08 CET Quote
yup, Complete rework of the system is done :)
#3 - Ta┬ęti Tac0Z - 15/01/2020 18:48 CET Quote

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