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Suggestion New server#12 ( 2)
Avi - 23/11/2019 11:14 CET - 55 Unique views - Researching

There are a lot of questions and suggestions that could fit in this suggestion really. Happy to see a discussion in here about new ideas etc.

Aviabel Changed this suggestions status to Researching
I like to see solo duo 2x monthly server
#1 - LaDyBUG <3 - 09/04/2020 07:54 CET Quote
i think there server will be the same like duo trio 2x but just for duo.
#2 - LaDyBUG <3 - 29/04/2020 09:15 CET Quote
This sugestion dislike just people who are trio and have more man power to duo clan. So this playwrs dont like that duo players can play on duo servers because they like to domination and bully duo team on trio servers.
#3 - LaDyBUG <3 - 29/04/2020 11:04 CET Quote

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