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Suggestion Quaries - Make them more usefull#13 ( 8)
Avi - 23/11/2019 11:18 CET - 57 Unique views - Researching

What I want to suggest is - to bump up a little bit small monuments called quarrys on our servers. Right now, how many of you use sulfur, metal or stone one? We're playing at 2/3x servers, and they're not usable even on vanilla as we know... :)
So my suggest would be divided into 3 points about them, idk if it's doable for scripter (2 and 3) but let's try :D

1. We can change the multipler of yeld to level, where using them would be profitable, but there would be higher low fuel needs too. We'd need to discuss how many times should multipler goes up.

2. If server reach for example <10 ppls, then multipler goes up. Same with <20 and <30 and so on. So the more ppls, the better yeld comes out of the quarry :smile: 

3. Or an plugin which in random time span would multiple yeld for X hour and with random yeld then. Would be rly good time to pvp and to get some resources ;)

Overall I would like to make another pvp opportunity, because right now ther're just on the map, forgotten. That's sad ;<

Aviabel Changed this suggestions status to Researching

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