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Suggestion Craftable generator#22 ( -4)
VoiD - 14/12/2019 18:30 CET - 56 Unique views - Rejected

Any chance to get a generator craftable as well as solar and windmills of is that not possible I'm not entirely sure
The small generator, solar panel and windmills are already craftable.
It it those you mean?
#1 - Ta©ti Tac0Z - 15/12/2019 03:00 CET Quote
this one here
#5 - VoiD - 26/12/2019 18:11 CET Quote
The Test Generator is a test item, that the Rust dev's used to test the electricity system whilst developering it.
Players are not ment to use the Test Generator at all, and can only be optained by admin commands.

At the end of development, the test generator got replaced with The small generator which is craftable.
Ta©ti Tac0Z Changed this suggestions status to Rejected
#7 - Ta©ti Tac0Z - 26/12/2019 18:20 CET Quote

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