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Suggestion Chaos#24 ( 2)
Ender_Fry - 27/12/2019 18:21 CET - 58 Unique views - Rejected

add chaos "monument protection" mod.  heli pilots should have to run puzzles like everyone else, not just swoop in and take loot, then go.
We want our servers to get as much as "vanilla" as possible. This is something i think facepunch needs to fix. Adding samsites to monuments will make the server even more modded then it already is. 

Agree though that right now its unbalanced. and puzzles are unneeded or need a update. (edited?)
#1 - Avi - 27/12/2019 22:28 CET Quote
Understood.  And yes Facepunch needs to address the imbalance.  It sucks when you are almost complete and then a heli pilot swoops in and takes all, lol.  Even more frustrating when you cant find a heli of your own :(
#2 - Ender_Fry - 27/12/2019 23:10 CET Quote
As avi said one day or another facepunch will fix the balancing, till then it'll be staying as it is.
Ta©ti Tac0Z Changed this suggestions status to Rejected
#3 - Ta©ti Tac0Z - 15/01/2020 18:40 CET Quote

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