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Suggestion Loot all#27 ( -6)
Ender_Fry - 12/01/2020 23:11 CET - 54 Unique views - Researching

I appreciate all the vip perks, However we have the inventory management for placing items, but nothing for looting items, such as a loot all option.  Would be helpful when collecting items from boxes when moving or upgrading etc.
We had 'loot all' in the past, however we found that it was possible to do an exploit regarding dropboxes.
The dev of QuickSort may fix it someday, if they do we'll add the feature back, but till then it'll stay disabled.
Ta©ti Tac0Z Changed this suggestions status to Researching
#1 - Ta©ti Tac0Z - 15/01/2020 18:44 CET Quote

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