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Suggestion Teir 3 lock Solo 3x server#28 ( 2)
Lossanmu - 15/01/2020 17:08 CET - 54 Unique views - Rejected

The server is dead theres no pvp fights, 8 out of 10 cargos don't even get counterd. This server got some weird rules like don't take over someones base and the teir 3 lock is limiting the end game for 16 days. But the server is so dead theres not resistance from doing monuments and cargo. theres no real goal anymore spawn in get semi and that's it for 16 days it gets boring real quick that's why theres 30 player max a good day.

I saw some players saying that they like the teir 3 lock becouse they don't meet people roaming with ak and full metal gear. When you lock the teir 3 you can't craft metal gear or ak so people that have ak and metal gear gets one big advantage. me being one of them don't get the pvp fight i want in rust becouse they have haz or road sign armor and most of them don't stand a chance against an ak and who wins a guy with a semi or a guy with ak ill let you figure that one out yourself.

The server is dead you got notthing to lose and if it makes it worse go back to the same settings. My suggestion is remove teir 3 lock or unlock it 1 week after wipe maby try this next wipe? Also we need to get this server out there someone so people see it and join.
The trio server got the exact same settings other than the group limit, but the trio is doing very well.

The time that teir 3 is blocked has been changeing a lot in the past and is probably not subject to change for a while. (edited?)
#1 - Ta┬ęti Tac0Z - 15/01/2020 18:23 CET Quote
Sad to hear that becouse i really like the solo monthly server. But i won't play on it when theres max pop of 20 players. You can't compare a server where people play with their friends on aint no body gonna bring their 3 friends to a solo server.
#2 - Lossanmu - 15/01/2020 20:51 CET Quote
We released a lot of tier 3 items such as all weapons the last 2 wipes and not had any negative reaction to it.
#4 - Avi - 09/08/2020 08:05 CET Quote
Avi Changed this suggestions status to Rejected
#5 - Avi - 31/10/2020 12:02 CET Quote

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