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Suggestion Mini heli limit per player#32 ( -2)
Sylvester - 07/02/2020 21:19 CET - 55 Unique views - Rejected

Implement a new rule to the 3x solo server where a limit is set for each player to have a maximum of 1 mini heli and maybe make a new plugin where you can't have more than 1 mini heli inside your building priviledge.
I dont know if hoarding is the real issue or not, but i have been trying to find a mini on the 3x solo server for two days now. A good amount of players are telling the same - running the whole circle and all around the map for half an hour without ever seeing a single minicopter.

On the other hand, this vip was my worst spent money ever. No minis, no barrels on the road just idiots like the op, shooting at everything. No wonder it dies after a week (edited?)
#1 - Jutocsa - 08/02/2020 12:57 CET Quote
Minicopter spawnrate has been increased. However implementing a new rule that is hard to monitor is not something we are planning on. therefore the suggestion gets rejected. 
Aviabel Changed this suggestions status to Rejected
#2 - Avi - 12/04/2020 18:28 CET Quote

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