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Suggestion Lower upkeep on solo#43 ( -15)
Sasha - 12/04/2020 17:41 CET - 52 Unique views - Rejected

So after some time in this wipe, I've started to wonder if the gameplay on 3x server with 10k stack of sulf, and actual upkeep of bases is balanced in any way.
Right now, we're at point where without big/good enough base, we can be raided even after 6h after wipe, as some ppls know how to delvelop (we can do it even faster). As days comes, it gets even worse, as we're constantly need to upgrade bases and make our upkeep higher to store our loot pretty save at this point. There comes grind. Never ending grind as base upkeep is always active, and sulfur doesn't have that problem... 

There are no online raids on solo servers, so we're not able to defend, and our only defense are ours walls and doors. What If some can't do this daily? Daily farm, daily grind, daily do the same thing for 1-2h and even more with bigger bases, and at the end have nothing from the game as it is (pvp,pve,monuments). It gets boring as hell on monthly server, where in my opinion I'm stuck after one week between doing something, or grind for the base to defend what I have. 

I don't know how other's may react to that suggestion, but let's see :D 
And yes, I know that rust is an "grinding fest game" but it's not that funny on solo servers (as rust is not an solo game afte all)

Stay safe o/
The upkeep is lowered already on the solo. No matter how we balance it. The persons who are on 24/7 always have a advantage to those who ain't. I hope that with the upcoming update wit the change of the puzzles things will get more balanced again.
#1 - Avi - 12/04/2020 18:17 CET Quote
There will be always a way to get the puzzles a bit faster then facepunch want it to be. Still it does not change the fact that after getting into some point, server gets boring, as you need to do the necessary thing over and over, not rly having time for something else. Rust always as I've said will be an grinding game. But we can just try to balance the raid cost, by lowering upkeep to the point, where additional honey would save us, but not cost us our limited time. 
Raiders are right now (raided shit lots of base this wipe in first week, not even going crazy with playtime) the winning site. And as you know it Avi, most of players are not these ones. (edited?)
#2 - Sasha - 12/04/2020 21:56 CET Quote
Sasha, as avi says, even if we lowered the upkeep to 10% or something silly, players would still be able to raid you.
If somebody wants to raid you they will no matter if it cost them 10 hours of their live.

Besides bases are already more than big enouth on the solo, lowering the upkeep will make this even worse.
Having even bigger bases would destroy the balance even more, thus why I take the liberty to reject this suggestion. If raiding balance is ever going to be a thing, then lowering the sulfur is the way to go, yet this may not be a good idea either.
Ta©ti Tac0Z Changed this suggestions status to Rejected
#3 - Ta©ti Tac0Z - 12/04/2020 23:14 CET Quote

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