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Suggestion Make duo server. With no notification for ship and heli.#49 ( 5)
LaDyBUG <3 - 29/04/2020 11:12 CET - 55 Unique views - Researching

To make duo server you cant vote to dislike because only trio grup will dislike this sugestion. Like a player really like rustocalypse server because they are not pay to win and it is well balance. I like monthly servers because i dont have so much time to play and there is not a single duo montlhy server in rust. So many people probally like to play on duo monthly server not just rustocalypse players. Trio grup allways dislike this sugestion because they like to bully grup that are smaller and have less change then trio grup. Please make duo server.
I play on duo weekly server because there is no monthly duo server and i dont like trio have advantege of duo. Probally there is a loot of duos people who like monthly but they dont have server for duo monthly so they are stuck on duo weekly. Some time i play on trio monthly but is hard for duo. I really like ristocalypse but i like it more if you make duo monthly.
#1 - LaDyBUG <3 - 29/04/2020 11:20 CET Quote
i love duo servers, and i think this is a great idea. i don't know of any monthly DUO server without having to go to either a trio or no group cap. i think a lot of players are looking for a server of this style and i think its a unique server in a way. when the server comes out maybe it could see different types of gather rates too? such as vanilla or 1.5x. or you can spice it up with like a 2x with 1x sulfur 

#2 - Squibbles - 04/05/2020 18:18 CET Quote
good idea, would join on monthly duo rather than trio.
#3 - BertBertowsky - 10/05/2020 13:18 CET Quote
We have been asked before! who knows what the future holds! 
Aviabel Changed this suggestions status to Researching
#4 - Avi - 31/07/2020 07:55 CET Quote

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