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Suggestion Shorter T3#57 ( 3)
Ender_Fry - 27/05/2020 16:17 CET - 57 Unique views - Rejected

I assume you guys can track server population to check the numbers.  It seems that the 3x solo server pop maintains a steady number throughout the T2 release with spikes on wipe day and T3 day, however it seems to drop dramatically a few days after T3 release.  Is it possible to try one wipe where the first week is only T1, weeks 2 and 3 are T2 and the last week is T3? and if not the T1 only week, still only releasing T3 the final week?  Just to see how the population goes?  Talking to people in chat, I find that many feel the same about the T3 killing the pop at the 2 week mark.  Thanks for any considerations.
Tried and tested before, 2 weeks seem to be the right number. As server owners we can only do so much. Much of this is imo a problem created by players them self by raiding and or bullying ppl of the server. 
Aviabel Changed this suggestions status to Rejected
#1 - Avi - 31/07/2020 08:01 CET Quote

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