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Suggestion Friendly Trader Badge#72 ( -10)
кекс Cake - 06/09/2020 12:08 CET - 53 Unique views - Rejected

It would be cool to give players a Trader badge. Like the playtime badge there could be an extra badge to players that have a white west in Trading, it could work over Discord where someone can ask to be get a Trader Badge and he has to provide enough satisfied customers to get this Badge and if he "scams" another player he can call that out on Discord and if its True the badge gets taken away and maybe getting him a Traitor badge or something like that.
A big part of rust is trading and being betrayed. Trust no one. A badge will add a lot more on our workforce and takes away time from more important things when it comes to adminning our servers. 
Avi Changed this suggestions status to Rejected
#1 - Avi - 31/10/2020 11:55 CET Quote

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