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Suggestion command#74 ( 7)
keklin - 11/10/2020 20:07 CET - 55 Unique views - Completed

The command "/cinfo" is totally broken, i get 5 times offline raided in 7 days wipe. It also kill your server bcs if you look at the last days of wipe there is noone on the server cuz everyone gets OFFLINE raided. I know there is website called "battlematrics" but not everyone knows that site. I know they can also check my steam profile but that can be fixed with function called private account. Ive never seen ONLINE raid for long time only me and boys online raided like 3 times in this wipe we use it too bcs its way easier than going to battlematrics. The most sad thing is when you kill someone and they instantly write "/cinfo" in the chat with asking where is base of the clan who killed them.

I would be happy if you remove it or make remove showing OFFLINE/ONLINE members(just showing whos in the clan).
Ta©ti Tac0Z Changed this suggestions status to Completed
#1 - Ta©ti Tac0Z - 15/10/2020 20:21 CET Quote

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